What’s Next?

TCB made waves in Cincinnati with the back-to-back announcement of a major acquisition of a troubled multifamily portfolio and a significant grant award from HUD secured for the Avondale neighborhood.  So for our residents, our neighbors and other people around Cincinnati, the natural question is: what next?

Advocates and community organizations want to know how these significant housing assets will be preserved and enhanced.  Neighborhood groups want to know that TCB’s efforts will support their own hopes and desires for their communities.  And most importantly, our residents – who have endured years of disinvestment and uncertain futures – just want to know how their homes can be come decent, safe places to live.

Following the acquisition in November, here’s how TCB has been moving forward:

  1. First, introduce ourselves to our residents.  TCB has organized Meet & Greets in Walnut Hills, Over-the-Rhine, Sedamsville, Madisonville and Avondale in which we could introduce our company and our mission to our residents.  We were there to answer their initial questions and to allay fears of displacement.
  2. Second, check out the buildings.  We’ve had TCB personnel, Wallick-Hendy maintenance staff, professional engineers and others in every unit of every building over the past four weeks.  The goal has been to catalogue all emergency maintenance needs and life safety issues, as well as to assess the overall condition of each building.
  3. Third, build a vision together.  Over the past year, TCB has been meeting with advocacy organizations, the Cincinnati Police, neighborhood groups, and important stakeholders in each community so that we can better understand their plans and aspirations in their community.  We heard their frustrations and fears as well.  In the coming months we will continue to expand outreach to neighborhood stakeholders and our residents to build a vision for sustained neighborhood success together.

TCB’s work in Cincinnati will necessarily be tailored to the needs of each building and neighborhood in which we work.  But all of our efforts will be guided by these principles:

  • To make the health, safety, and personal success of our residents our foremost priority;
  • To preserve and enhance these critical affordable housing resources for generations to come; and
  • To support neighborhood goals for a strong housing market with a healthy variety of household incomes.

Stay tuned to this space to see how our shared vision develops.

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