Walnut Hills Looks at Safety

The Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation is leading an effort to look at safety in the neighborhood and any issues or perceptions that could slow down the neighborhood’s revitalization. The first step was a community safety survey shared through email lists and local outlets (such as the library and Parkside Cafe). The great news: over 92 percent of respondents felt safe all or most of the time in the neighborhood. Over half of respondents reported that the neighborhood had improved in the past 12 months.

The survey also identified some challenges for the community to focus on:

  • Drug Activity (62.7%)
  • Trash (52.4%)
  • Nuisance Properties (50.0%)
  • Robbery/Theft (39.0%)

Notably, more than 99 percent of respondents recognized the need for improvements to Walnut Hills’ physical environment. TCB looks forward to working with the community to address this and other needs through investments in housing, community assets and industry leading property management.

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