A Big Week in Avondale

We want to properly mark the enthusiasm and momentum that Avondale is achieving this week between today’s P&G/Reds Foundation Community Day at Gabriel’s Place and Hirsch Rec Center, or the Choice Launch at the Avondale Festival & Health Fair on Saturday.  So we leave it to community partner Avondale Comprehensive Development Corporation to do it for us, via the ACDC Facebood page:

It’s GOING DOWN in Avondale today as Procter & Gamble and the Reds (Reds Community Fund) grant Avondale a Community Makeover.  Over 400 Procter & Gamble employee volunteers from P&G North America Marketing, along with Reds Community Fund staff and board members along with Children’s Hospital, the Cincinnati Zoo, Wegman Excavating, Watson Pools and a boat load of other sponsors will completely transform our environmental sustainability center, Gabriel’s Place, overhaul our Rec Center- Hirsch Recreation Center, and bring life to our Hirsch Baseball Fields.  We’re talking new hoop house, new landscaping, a totally new Farmer’s Market (Grand Reopening 4p, with Program starting at 3:15), high level upgrades to the inside of the old St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, major interior upgrades at Hirsch Rec, including a new stage, new pool table, fresh painting, the whole nine yards (more like 30) downstairs at Hirsch, then the win win  in revitalizing baseball’s opportunity in our neighborhood.   The new homerun fence, dugouts, bleachers, scoreboard, and batting cage has ALREADY raised the level of baseball’s opportunity in Avondale.  Wow.  This is an very significant moment for Avondale Comprehensive Development Corporation as we won this opportunity for Avondale.  That application was typed by the same fingers on the same computer as these words we type right now. This is a sign of what we are trying to accomplish here in the neighborhood.  Hope to see you tomorrow at 315p and bring some dough, the Farmer’s Market is going to set it off!

See you today, tomorrow or Saturday as we work together to push Avondale’s transformation to the next level!

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