The Future of the Town Center in Focus

TCB, the Avondale Coalition of Churches, the Avondale Community Council, and the City of Cincinnati are thinking big when it comes to the neighborhood core and the Town Center.  The area has already been a focus for ACDC, with their work in the ‘Town Center District’, as well as a successful collaboration between TCB and the Cincinnati Police Department to enhance crime and safety in nearby apartment buildings.

Now, as development under Choice Neighborhoods gathers momentum, the Town Center itself is under discussion.  Owned and managed by the Avondale Coalition of Churches, their stewardship has endured disinvestment and crime on Reading Road.  TCB and the Coalition are working together on what the future holds for this property at the heart of the neighborhood.

WCPO recently profiled the effort to create a new grocery store as part of the next phase of development, an effort Mayor Cranley has stated is a priority of his administration.  From the WCPO story:

If all goes as planned , The Community Builders, Inc. (TCB) hope to begin work by next year on a 20,000-square-foot grocery store and more than 70 apartments along the Reading Road, just south of Glenwood Avenue next to the Avondale Town Center.

The plans are part of a “much broader transformation”  effort to remake the Town Center from its  “suburban-style into something more visionary that represents what a walkable, urban neighborhood core should feel like.”

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